Television and Media Profile

Colin Tennant is Britain’s leading expert in dog behaviour; he pioneered the psychological approach to solving the behaviour of problem pets. He has frequently appeared on television as an expert in this field and was the first British canine practitioner to write comprehensively in relation to human and animal psychology.

He has combined and utilised this information to produce Britain’s successful pet videos on a variety of animals including Cats, Dogs, Fish and Rodents. He has a Master Degree in Dog Behaviour & Psychology.

TV Consultant & or Appearances

  • BBC 1 & 2 News Canine advisor to date
  • BBC News Canine behaviour adviser/expert for current news to date
  • CH 4 Dog Behaviour Consultant Britain’s Top Dog 8 programmes. Training & Behaviour
  • BBC TV Dog Behaviour Consultant Mills Life 6 x programmes broadcast
  • BBC TV Dog Behaviour Consultant Traditions of Christmas broadcast
  • BBC TV Dog Behaviour Consultant Understanding Cats/ Dogs broadcast
  • BBC TV Behaviour Consultant The Pet Show in Ass, with the Clothes Show
  • PBS USA TV Dog Behaviour Consultant
  • BBC Radio 4 Origins of Dogs Consultant
  • BBC 1 4×4 Reports Expert Trainer and assessor
  • BBC 1 Lowrie Canine Behaviourist
  • BBC 1 Value for Money Canine Behaviourist
  • BBC 1 Vanessa Canine Behaviourist
  • BBC 1 Kilroy Canine Behaviourist
  • C4 Absolutely Animals Canine Behaviourist
  • BBC 1 Understanding Cat Producer/consultant
  • BBC 1 Traditions of Christmas Producer/consultant
  • C4 Pets & People Expert Behaviourist
  • ITV The Pet Game Expert on Canine Psychology
  • BBC1 Body Matters Canine/Feline dental programme
  • C4 Britain’s Top dog series Presenter and trainer
Colin Tennant
BBC Television
Channel Four Television

UK Radio

Colin frequently broadcasts on radio, covering many issues relating to animal education. Radio stations include:

  • Regional BBC radio stations England Wales, Northern Ireland
  • BBC Radio
  • BBC World News

He also has his own night spot in Greater London Radio where he advised on dog behaviour and training.

Pet Consultant in dog training & behaviour to:

  • Tesco Corporation – Spokesperson of canine behaviour
  • Pedigree Pet Foods – Spokesperson on dog behaviour and film producer for the company
  • EMAP Pursuit Magazine – Corporation writer / Pursuit writer
  • Natural Instinct Foods and Nature Diet – Consultant behaviourist
  • Pet marketing product magazine Disney Corporation – writer
  • Dorling Kindersley books – Technical dog behaviour picture formatter

Britain’s Top Writer for Animal and Woman’s Magazines

Using his stunt dogs, Colin has contributed towards studio pictorial photographs on canine behaviour in nine books, published by Dorling Kindersley, also Interpet publications and many others. He also contributes, as a behaviour consultant, throughout the world and on the internet, to over 20 specialist canine magazines. They include:

  • Pets & People – quarterly magazine (650.000 readers)
  • Pet Product – marketing magazine (PPM)
  • Dogs Monthly – monthly magazine
  • Dog & Pups – India’s biggest pet magazine
  • Dogs Nigeria Lagos – behaviour training writer
  • Independent on Sunday – weekend newspaper
  • Tatler Magazine (Feature writer with the media stars & clients)
  • Woman’s Realm (Feature writer and all pet psychology and behaviour)
  • Cat World Feature (writer)
  • Your Dog Magazine (EMAP Pursuit)
  • Your Cat Magazine
  • British Kennel Gazette (Feature writer)
  • Pet Dogs Magazine (Chief Animal Behaviourist & Feature Writer)
  • Animal Behaviour & video writer
  • British Kennel Gazette feature writer on international pet dogs
  • Mad About Dogs Gazette feature writer on international pet dogs
  • Our Dogs Magazine
  • Our Cats


Colin wrote the following books, which were published worldwide and in several languages:

  • Breaking bad habits for Dogs – Published 2003 in 7 languages
  • 21 days to train your Dog – Published 2004 in 12 languages
  • Dog behaviour & training encyclopaedia – Published in USA UK

Dog and Cat DVDs and Videos

Colin developed the first specialised pet education film company in Britain. The DVD’s are used throughout Britain’s universities and colleges and are used in teaching courses. Colin wrote, directed and produced Pets on Film DVD’s and currently has 20 available. The DVD’s are also used in many countries throughout the world.

  • Puppy Care & Training
  • Smart Dog Psychology
  • Basic Dog Training 1
  • Basic Dog Training 2
  • Breaking Bad Habits 1
  • Breaking Bad Habits 2
  • First Aid For Dogs
  • Grooming Dogs
  • How To Control Your Dog
  • The Rescue Dogs Mind
  • Intellectual Dogs
  • Separation Anxiety Dogs
  • The Wolf In your dog
  • Your Dogs Bad Behaviour
  • Dog Toilet Training
  • Dog Training IT Intelligent Dog
  • Psychology of the Rescue Dog
  • Smart Dog Psychology
  • Aggression Towards People
  • Compulsive Obsessive Dogs
  • Complete Tropical Fish Care
  • Complete Indoor Coldwater Fish Care
  • Complete Koi Fish Care
  • Complete Marine Fish Care
  • Complete Hamster Care
  • Complete Rabbit & Guinea Pig Care
  • Mystery Of The Cat
  • The Cat Outdoors
  • Breaking Bad Habits for Cats
  • Understanding Your Cat
  • The Cat Indoors
  • BBC Series Understanding Cats

The British K9 Computer Centre and Other Media Work

Colin Tennant & Associates operate and have responded, in writing, to over 20.000 queries internationally from pet owners through five pet dog’s magazines. The British K9 Computer Centre has successfully assisted pet owners with their queries in many countries including India and Africa.

Colin has lectured on animal behaviour to canine societies, schools and national pet shows both in the UK and abroad.

He is experienced with film production and acts as cameraman, editor and sound engineer, and is also well equipped to produce professional films in his editing studio based in Berkhamsted. Colin uses Davinci Resolve, Serif Software and other related packages.

He has directed, filmed and produced 150 internet based module behaviour information films

Colin has also produced short films in pet care and behaviour for Crufts, EMAP, Pursuit and other related web based sites

African Wildlife Study & Related Work

Colin filmed wildlife in Tanzania, South Africa & Kenya over a 4 year period and incorporated this study footage into the current Pets on Film Education series and NT courses. This will enable students to observe and compare wild animals with the domestic pets we keep.

Stunt Dogs Trained and Film Consultant

Colin has trained dogs for over 100 Television programmes and has made films and commercials for companies including:

  • British Airways
  • General Motors
  • Epsom Computers
  • Pedigree (Mars)
  • Marks & Spencer
  • R.S.P.C.A.
  • P.D.S.A.
  • BBC TV
  • Interpet
  • Mikki Videos
  • Kenwood Hi Fi
  • Saracens Rugby Club

The Pet Show: BBC Clothes Show by Barker Brown

The Pet Show was organised by Barker Brown who also manage the BBC Clothes Show Live. Colin was invited to the Earls Court Pet Show in London as the dog behaviour expert. On the show he advised on canine problems relating to behaviour and obedience. He also answered questions from the general public on these issues.

The Pet Show at Earls Court

Dogs on Film – Cats on Film – Pets on Film – Bowe Tennant Productions

BT Video Productions for schools, colleges and universities was established in 1988 and was the only video company in Britain to specialise in pet trade, veterinary, canine & feline behavioural psychology and animal welfare productions.

The scope of the company’s expertise cover both modest and large productions and Pets on Film and now include corporate, training, recruitment and public information films.

Many video projects entrusted to Bowe Tennant have received excellent press reviews for their outstanding quality.

The pet care range produced by Pets on Film have been market leaders for many years.

Dogs on Film logo (now Pets on Film)

Ancillary Appointments, Consultancy, and appearances

  • MGM USA Film – Dr Doolittle
  • Channel Four Films & Working Title: Wish You Were Here
  • BBC News, Documentary, Current affairs
  • BBC, Carlton, Grange Hill, EastEnders
  • BBC Scotland, Comedy store programmes
  • BBC Investigatory 4 x 4
  • BBC Windmill
  • BBC Body Matters
  • BBC Value for Money
  • BBC Kilroy
  • BBC Lowrie
  • BBC Eastern news Dog Matters
  • USA – Public Broadcasting Corporation PBS Felines
  • USA – Contacts PBS and subsidiaries Felines
  • Romanian Television – dog programmes
  • Chinese Television – dog programmes
  • Hungary Television – dog programmes
  • Japanese Television – dog & cat programmes
  • Lebanese television dog courses training & behaviour
  • Cyprus reporting on dog behaviour
Wish You Were Here (1987)
BBC News

South Africa

  • Reporting writing and features the big cats
  • Kenya Reporting & Features the big cats
  • Tanzania filming the big cats

Middle East – Canine related programmes/work

  • Lebanon
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Greece

World Wide TV Channels

Colin Tennant manages and acts as a consultant for a number of organisations. His unique knowledge of Television Production skills blends with his dog experience. He runs multiple YouTube channels for these various organisations and takes his decades of hands on dog knowledge transferring it into a world media base for the benefit of dogs and their owners.

Guild of Dog trainers (GODT)
Canine & Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA)
Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council (PETbc)
Cambridge institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (CIDBT)