Colin Tennant MA FCFBA Dog Behaviour & Psychology Expert Witness

Dog Behaviour Assessments for Criminal and Civil Law cases for Solicitors, Local Authority Fostering & Adoption Agencies and Council Noise Abatement cases.

I have specialised for over 35 years in dog behaviour legal cases including:

  • Dog Expert Witness
  • Dangerous Dog Assessment
  • Typing: Breed Type Assessor (specialising in the Prescribed Breeds and American Pit Bull Terrier Identification)

Covering Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Animals Act 1871 Section 2 and Noise Abatement Act 1960.

Dog Expert Witness

I have acted as a dog expert witness following instructions by clients, legal practices, welfare organisations, child adoption and child fostering agencies, the police and courts.

I have carried out thousands of consultations covering all aspects of dog behaviour across a wide range of dog breeds. I have a wealth of practical hands-on experience of resolving cases of dog aggression (to dogs and people).

As an ex police officer and qualified police dog handler I always work in close co-operation with police dog legislation officers (DLO’s) and legal professionals. I am experienced in formally assessing and compiling evidence, creating professional reports and offering expert opinion in Magistrate and Crown Courts whilst remaining calm confident and professional under questioning.

The basic process, how it works:

  1. Your Solicitor will email me (or complete the form below) basic facts about the case.
  2. I will quote costs for your approval (I accept private and or legal aid funded cases).
  3. Your Solicitor sends written legal instructions.
  4. I will review evidence including medical reports, photographs, video (if provided) and witness statements.
  5. I undertake dog behaviour assessments in the home, on public walking environments, or in secure police compounds by arrangement (I will need full Police Force contact details so I can arrange an appointment).
  6. I provide a full written report combined with a DVD reflecting my experience and time with the dog and/or owner. This method of evidence submission has proven to be highly successful and persuasive in past cases, avoiding destruction of the dog.

Colin Tennant MA FCFBA is a Dog Expert Witness, established for 35 years for the law profession and local authorities. He is Chairman of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and Principal of the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training for the BA Degree programme. He is in private practice and also has access to other similar experts in dog related behaviour fields and in dog related civil and or criminal court cases.

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