Dog Behaviour Video Tips

Here are a selection of videos made by  leading dog behaviourist Colin Tennant and associates.

Dog Behaviour Problems

A dog behaviourist can help you solve problems such as separation anxiety, dog on dog aggression.

Raw dog food – A healthy choice

Food is the basis for live and what food our dogs eat is crucial to their health and psychological development

First Snow

Dogs discovering snow and the wild winter scents of the outside world. A blanket of snow changes the scent landscape and provides dogs with a new world of scents to explore.

Deiters Wonderful Life

A dog is a life time companion and will have to adapt the our world of complexity. We lead and teach the dog through social training and socialisation exampled in this film.

A Dog Walk from the Dog’s View

Dogs heath through exercise is important to the dog and benefits it’s owner too. The dog gets to explore the outside world of olfactory scents and messages which is Avalon.