Introducing foster children into a new household containing dogs

When integrating foster children into a pre-existing household with one or more dogs, it can pose a challenge for some individuals. Nevertheless, seeking guidance from a seasoned professional canine behaviourist is crucial. A qualified expert can provide valuable advice on assessing the temperaments of the dogs and determining their compatibility with new foster children entering … Read more

Colin’s Other Interests

Colin Tennant’s Diverse Interests Beyond Domestic Dogs Knights Hospitaller or the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, was founded around 1099. This order, like the Templars, had its origins in the protection of Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Land. Colin Tennant’s pursuit of historical understanding has led him to explore … Read more

Dangerous Dogs, Bite Count Soars UK

Colin Tennant BBC TV

Colin Tennant appeared on BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stayt. Colin, speaking with clarity and firmness, explained that the UK dog bite increase is in part a result of a subculture primarily comprising young males who are fixated on ego and social media, aiming to project a specific image. These individuals are self-centred and take pleasure … Read more

Dog Expert Witness Criminal and Civil Law

Colin Christopher Tennant MA (Canine Behaviour & Psychology) FCFBA I began my career in dog education professionally when I was sixteen years of age and have spent my life developing dog behaviour solutions and training methods at my Canine Behaviour Centre, to help people with difficult dogs and use this accumulative knowledge in many canine … Read more

A Guide to Taking Your Dog on the Train

Colin Tennant, a leading expert in dog behaviour and training, has worked with East Midlands Trains to create a guide on taking your pooch on the train. Along with the guide, East Midlands Trains is rolling out drinking bowls at main line stations and serving up doggie treats on board selected services to ensure every … Read more

Dog Train-ing – East Midlands Trains

“The average pooch ventures 500 miles every year, a third of dogs have been to a dog-friendly health spa (31%) and nearly a fifth (18%) have even attended a festival” Half of British dog owners (51%) refuse to go on holiday without their pets according to new research. And, a further 32% insist their dog … Read more

Puppy Top Training Tips

The excitement of a new puppy arriving in your home is and should be the adventure of cooperative learning. Give me the puppy to six months and I will give you an adult well behaved dog. Puppy Arrival & House Plan When the puppy is about to arrive make sure he has a room, play … Read more

How do Dogs Find Drugs or Search Houses?

Dog Mind Games – Have you ever wondered how the Police & Customs dogs find drugs on criminals or search houses with such accuracy? Well, I am now going to explain the basics of search scent work in the home using their methods for all pet dogs. Nearly all drugs dogs begin their training through … Read more

Dogs With Car Sickness

How to prevent or cure car sickness in dogs. It might be strange for most dog owners to perceive that some dogs become car sick in the same way people do. Yes they feel queasy and can even throw up. Dogs can also drool profusely and at the end of a short trip can look … Read more