Introducing foster children into a new household containing dogs

When integrating foster children into a pre-existing household with one or more dogs, it can pose a challenge for some individuals. Nevertheless, seeking guidance from a seasoned professional canine behaviourist is crucial. A qualified expert can provide valuable advice on assessing the temperaments of the dogs and determining their compatibility with new foster children entering the environment.

It is imperative that these assessments be conducted by a highly qualified canine professional, as the process goes beyond simply gauging the friendliness of the dogs. The evaluator must keenly observe subtle signs of temperament and assess how the dogs will or do respond to the presence of new foster children in the home. Dogs in such situations need to exhibit a heightened level of tolerance, particularly towards young children, given that not all children behave predictably, and some may inadvertently provoke dogs, potentially leading to fear-based reactions or other undesirable behaviours.

Ensuring that the dogs possess the ideal temperaments to coexist with foster children is an integral component of a comprehensive canine behaviour consultation. Colin Tenant, with over 40 years of experience in assessing dogs in behaviour, and psychology. He has worked with many thousands of family were children and dogs need assessments and or knowledge training, his approach is child and dog centred psychology.

He is available to provide consultations.

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