Dangerous Dogs, Bite Count Soars UK

Colin Tennant appeared on BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stayt. Colin, speaking with clarity and firmness, explained that the UK dog bite increase is in part a result of a subculture primarily comprising young males who are fixated on ego and social media, aiming to project a specific image. These individuals are self-centred and take pleasure in projecting a macho image, frequently causing significant harm to the bull breeds and crossbreeds they own. They display a lack of consideration and treat their dogs as they would knives or guns, just another accessory. Colin also mentioned that this culture of aggression was imported from American rap music, where males consistently flaunted their wealth, possessions, and dogs as part of this boastful and troubling trend.
He also added that these same unintelligent individuals utilise these dogs, primarily bull breeds, as offensive weapons. Unlike most responsible dog owners who attend dog training and socialise their puppies to integrate into society, this particular group tends to do the opposite. They actively encourage their dogs to be aggressive towards everyone. When they lose control or when the law takes action, they simply abandon their dogs.
The BBC received numerous positive responses, and Colin himself received over 200 additional positive responses via social media emails. In fact, not a single communication was sent to him with negative feedback.

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