Dogs, Young Children and Babies

Introducing babies (young children and puppies) into a home with an established dog can lead to unwanted behaviour such as biting. Pet behaviourist and dog trainer Colin Tennant offers practical advice to help prepare the family for the newcomer. Over the decades and specifically over the past twenty or more years, one finds that society … Read more

Kong Food Time Release Dog Behaviour Training

KFTR psychological food/behaviour reform systems can be used for separation anxiety, aggression to people, dogs which were out of control in houses when guest arrive or simply are hyper and don’t listen. The dog curled up by your fire or is it centrally heated radiators(?) has been man’s constant companion and ally for hundreds of … Read more

Dog Noise Phobias

Unusual dog behaviour: The case of dog apparently afraid of a gold fish and the fridge. A Fishy Tale – Recently I had to make a home visit to a local family in Hertfordshire, because of their pet dog’s peculiar behaviour. There telephone call to my office went something like this, Hello Mr Tennant my … Read more

How to Choose a Puppy

A dog is very much a family member and will take unlimited hours of your time with walking and training therefore it is vital that you pick the best breed to suit your lifestyle and finances. Having assessed and trained numerous dogs of various breeds over many years. I feel inspired to write this article … Read more

The Importance of Puppy Socialisation and Training

The most common and the most serious dog behaviour problem we deal with is aggression towards people and dogs. Lack of early socialisation is the cause of most of these problems. Recently I had a telephone call from a distressed client whose 155lb Newfoundland, Bert, had so distressed her through his bad behaviour that she … Read more

Dog Excessive Attention Seeking

Attention seeking – what does this actually mean? After all, it appears that most dogs are show off’s, love attention and dogs wouldn’t be dogs unless they did. In fact dogs which seek our attention are the most trainable and many trainers develop a plethora of methods to attract a dog’s attention in order to … Read more