A Guide to Taking Your Dog on the Train

Colin Tennant, a leading expert in dog behaviour and training, has worked with East Midlands Trains to create a guide on taking your pooch on the train. Along with the guide, East Midlands Trains is rolling out drinking bowls at main line stations and serving up doggie treats on board selected services to ensure every … Read more

Dog Train-ing – East Midlands Trains

“The average pooch ventures 500 miles every year, a third of dogs have been to a dog-friendly health spa (31%) and nearly a fifth (18%) have even attended a festival” Half of British dog owners (51%) refuse to go on holiday without their pets according to new research. And, a further 32% insist their dog … Read more

Puppy Top Training Tips

The excitement of a new puppy arriving in your home is and should be the adventure of cooperative learning. Give me the puppy to six months and I will give you an adult well behaved dog. Puppy Arrival & House Plan When the puppy is about to arrive make sure he has a room, play … Read more

How do Dogs Find Drugs or Search Houses?

Dog Mind Games – Have you ever wondered how the Police & Customs dogs find drugs on criminals or search houses with such accuracy? Well, I am now going to explain the basics of search scent work in the home using their methods for all pet dogs. Nearly all drugs dogs begin their training through … Read more

Dogs With Car Sickness

How to prevent or cure car sickness in dogs. It might be strange for most dog owners to perceive that some dogs become car sick in the same way people do. Yes they feel queasy and can even throw up. Dogs can also drool profusely and at the end of a short trip can look … Read more

Eye Cue Training

The learning curve for the domestic dog, canis familaris, from puppy to adult is fascinating when you consider that nothing in their make up was designed to fit in with us, our homes, gardens and busy outside world. Yet, their ability to link our every action that may have a pay off for them, what … Read more

What Does a Dog Think?

When owners cannot discern their dog’s real limits of reasoning then they can become frustrated or feel let down by their furry friend’s behaviour when their dog appears to be being difficult. A psychological insight between owner and dog. On a quiet evening as you relax by the fire (or is it a radiator these … Read more

It’s About the Dog and Owner

Owners are the main influence on a dogs behavioural development from puppyhood to maturity and in essence the dogs final adult temperament. Some other factors may have influences including quality of breeding, breed drives often overlooked by inexperienced animal behaviourists. That is why when you wish to obtain help with a dog you should use … Read more

How Dogs Learn

Dogs learn by association, linking a series of actions, sounds or observations with a particular outcome. Dogs don’t really know what we’re thinking – though they might sometimes look as though they do! While many dog owners have a balanced and harmonious relationship with their pets, many others are beset with behavioural problems in their … Read more